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Last updated September 11th, 2022

If you’re working in a commercial kitchen then you’ll need a vacuum sealer that goes above and beyond those designed for occasional home use. Commercial vacuum sealers need to be powerful, able to withstand heavy, prolonged use, and must be easy to clean, repair, & maintain.

Local, county, and state health departments also have strict rules and regulations pertaining to any appliances that come into contact with food. Buying an NSF certified or NSF listed vacuum sealer makes it much more likely your appliance will measure up to the safety and hygiene standards required in commercial kitchens.

Commercial Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Hamilton Beach PrimaVac 406

Hamilton Beach PrimaVac 406 commercial vacuum sealer

If you’ve got the counter space for it then the 406 is your best option due to its NSF listing, powerful pump, and the sheer size of its vacuum chamber. It’s the largest of the countertop vacuum sealers in Hamilton Beach’s PrimaVac range by a long way, weighing in at over 160lbs (73kg).

If you’re working in a small commercial kitchen then this may not be your best option given its cumbersome weight and large footprint (LWH): 19.45” x 24.25” x 19.13” and that’s with the lid down so you’ll need headroom on top of that to access the chamber.

Hamilton Beach PrimaVac 406 commercial vacuum sealer with chamber lid open

The control panel isn’t the most user friendly out there but there’s plenty of modes and options available including optional gas flush, a soft air option for delicate foods, and adjustable seal/vacuum times.

Hamilton Beach 406 commercial vacuum sealer display panel

If you have plenty of floor space but no countertop space then you’ll be better off with a commercial free standing vacuum sealer ›


  • NSF listed – What does this mean?
  • Extra wide 16″ Seal Bar can seal 1 large or 2 small bags at a time
  • Powerful rotary oil pump
  • Removable seal bar for easy cleaning & replacement 
  • Clear lid for easier vacuum bag alignment
  • Optional gas flush system
  • Plenty of customisable programs & settings 
  • Adjustable cycle times
  • Oil change reminder
  • Takes filler plates for faster sealing of small items
  • 2-year warranty
  • Large & extremely heavy for a countertop sealer
  • Uses an oil pump so will require regular oil changes
  • Long warmup time – part of the oil preheating function

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View the Hamilton Beach PrimaVac 406 on ›

Commercial Free Standing Vacuum Sealers

VacMaster VP540/VP545

VacMaster VP545 commercial vacuum sealer front view

We’ve chosen the VacMaster VP540 & the VacMaster VP545 as the best non-NSF certified freestanding vacuum sealers for commercial use.

These two sealers are almost identical except for one feature. The VP545 comes with an optional gas flush function and the VP540 doesn’t. If you don’t think you will need the gas flush option you can save a decent amount of money by going with the cheaper VP540.


  • Powerful 1.5 HP oil pump
  • Optional gas flush function (VP545 model only)
  • Stainless steel exterior for easy cleaning
  • See-through lid
  • Dual 20″ seal bars
  • 2 filler plates included for sealing small items
  • Casters with brakes for easy moving

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View the VacMaster VP540 on ›

View the VacMaster VP545 on ›

Commercial Edge Vacuum Sealers

Hamilton Beach HVS400R

Hamilton Beach HVS400R commercial vacuum sealer

The HVS400R is perfect if you’re looking for an NSF listed sealer for occasional use, you’re on a tight budget, or you don’t have the kitchen space for a chamber sealer. The dry pump won’t seal as fast or as quietly as an oil filled pump but it’s virtually maintenance free, has a very minimalist control panel interface, and its seal bar is wide enough to seal two small vacuum bags at the same time.

Hamilton Beach HVS400R commercial vacuum sealer control panel


  • NSF listed – What does this mean?
  • Extra wide 16″ Seal Bar can seal 1 large or 2 small bags at the same time
  • Maintenance free double-piston pump
  • Simple control panel
  • Transparent lid for easy bag alignment
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • External fuse
  • Dry pump
  • No customisable options
  • Only 1-year warranty

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View the Hamilton Beach HVS400R on ›

NSF Certification for Vacuum Sealers

What Is NSF Certification?

The NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) is an independent organization that promotes strict standards and requirements for safety, sanitation, and hygiene with regards to commercial kitchen appliances and surfaces that are likely to come into contact with food.

If your food appliance carries an NSF mark, NSF listed, or NSF certified, then you know it’s been tested to a strict set of guidelines to ensure high sanitary and food safety standards.

Why is NSF Certification/Listing Important?

NSF listing/certification is important because it makes it much more likely that your commercial vacuum sealer will pass any local, county, or state health inspections.

Some jurisdictions even require NSF marks to be present on all appliances that may come into contact with food in a commercial setting so it’s worth checking your local health laws.

Do Commercial Vacuum Sealers Need to Be NSF Certified/Listed?

Different vacuum sealer manufacturers take different approaches to this question. Ary VacMaster, for example, claims they don’t need to NSF certify their commercial vacuum sealers as food isn’t meant to come into direct contact with the appliance.

However they do certify their vacuum bags which obviously are designed to come into contact with food. Other manufacturers NSF certify their commercial sealers as they are a food appliance and may come into direct contact with food.

Gas Flush: Is It Worth the Extra Cost?

You might have noticed some commercial vacuum sealers come with an optional gas flush feature, also known as modified atmosphere packaging. This feature allows you to connect an external gas tank, via a regulator, into the vacuum sealer.

Setting the sealer to do a gas vacuum seal will then inject the gas, typically nitrogen, into the vacuum bag before sealing it up. This gives an effect similar to a bag of chips, whereby a “pillow” of air protects the food inside the bag from being crushed as well as providing an atmosphere that will inhibit bacterial growth. Some gas mixtures can also prevent certain foods from discoloring, inhibit enzymes, protect meat products from going bad and much more.

The downside of a gas flush vacuum sealer is they cost more, so make sure you actually need a gas flush model before buying one. The VacMaster VP540 & VP545 models for example are identical except one has a gas flush and one doesn’t, and they generally differ in price by over $300+.


How To Gas Flush Pouches For Food Packaging

What you need to know about VacMaster, BPA, FDA and NSF Standards

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